Ep. 73 Cruising For Relaxation

Relaxation is the focus on this episode where we discuss the most relaxing cruise lines and destinations. We also attempt to uncover what it is that makes a cruise so relaxing in general.

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Ep. 72 Celebrity Reflection Ship Introduction

This week we recap our ship visit onboard the new Celebrity Reflection including details on dining, decor and more. Cruise news features all inclusive packages from Royal Caribbean, a new waterpark on MSC, and a Miami-themed cruise ship from Norwegian.

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Ep. 71 Disneyland: The Happiest Cruise Add-On

The excellent destination of Disneyland is our topic today, as we think it is a great pre or post cruise add-on from Los Angeles or San Diego.  We detail the parks and accomodation options and share our favorite features about the original Disney theme park.  We also review the new Cars land in Disney's California Adventure.  Cruise news features stories from Livorno, Carnival and New Orleans.

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Ep. 70 Cruise Thanksgivings and Christmas Wishes

This week we give thanks for our favorite things from each cruise line and share our Christmas wishes for what we think would improve the cruise experience on each line. Cruise news features stories from the up and coming port of Houston and a new drink package on Norwegian.

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Ep. 69 Crown Princess Cruise Review

This week we review our cruise on the Crown Princess including details of entertainment, dining, activities, staterooms, ship layout and more! Our cruise news features stories from Carnival, Grand Cayman, and Venice.

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Ep. 68 Greek Isles/ Italy Trip Reflections and Cruise News

Finally back from our big trip, we reflect upon the best and worst aspects of the extensive vacation.  We highlight the best ports, our favorite moments and the surprises we encountered along the way.  We also discuss a lot of cruise news featuring a slew of new ship builds, changing policies and more.

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Ep. 67 How Our View of Cruising Has Changed

This week we look at how our perceptions of cruising have changed from our first cruise to now.  We look at common misconceptions and concerns of new cruisers, and habits that experienced cruisers may fall into. No news this week because we are traveling.

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Ep. 66 The Cruise Crystal Ball

Jason from PopularCruising.com joins us to predict the future of the cruise industry. We guess which items are more likely to happen from a list of either/or options.  Some are fun, some are serious; all are entertaining.  We have no news this week because we are traveling.

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Ep. 65 Our Vacation Preview

This week we provide an unedited look at our upcoming European vacation with details of the ports and itinerary. We discuss which ports and cities we think we'll like best, and which ones we expect to unimpress. Follow our journey on facebook!

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Ep. 64 A Few of Our Favorite Cruise Things

This week we share some of our favorite experiences and things that we generally only get from cruising.  Cruise news looks at some new features on Princess' upcoming ship, a new port for Royal Caribbean, and rumors of a possible 3rd Oasis class ship.

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Ep. 63 Disney's Pixar Themed Cruises

Jason from PopularCruising.com tells us all about his recent experience on the Disney Wonder for the Inaugural Pixar Themed Cruise in California.  He also shares details from dining at the most expensive specialty restaurant at sea on the Disney Fantasy.  News features stories from the coming Norwegian Breakaway, updates to a newer Carnival ship and a coming upgrade to the Serenade of the Seas.

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Ep. 62 Cruise News Commentary

There was a lot of cruise news this week, so we take the time to cover it all with our own commentary thrown in.  Carnival discontinues a popular program, Royal Caribbean invites you to sail with Barbie and protests in North Africa disrupt cruise itineraries.  We also chat about planning a cruise based entirely on the desires of your kids.

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Ep. 61 Cruise Books and Magazines Reviewed

This week we review a wide variety of cruise books including the Berlitz, Fodors, Frommers and Rick Steves guides, as well as crew autobiographies and cruise-centric magazines.  Our cruise news features stories from Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.  We also discuss the all-inclusive alcohol package on Carnival further.

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Ep. 60 A Lesser Known American Cruise Port

This week we discuss a cruise port which many people may not consider, but actually provides a great vacation/cruise option and is centrally located for many Americans.  Our news includes Norwegian's new specialty dining package, Carnival's test of an all-inclusive drink package and Hurricane Issac.

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Ep. 59 Listener Questions #2

This week we answer questions from listeners about kids in the main dining room, drunks on Carnival, and European cruise itineraries.  Our cruise news features stories about several themed cruises, plus some new policies regarding children on Norwegian and MSC.

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Ep. 58 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Matt from the unofficial Royal Caribbean blog at royalcaribbeanblog.com joins us to give an overview of the cruise line, plus information from a recent earnings call about future potential ships and deployments. Our news features a new program from Carnival which allows for early embarkation, as well as the launch of the Queen of the Mississippi and the effects of Hurricane Ernesto.

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Ep. 57 Best Ships for Base Cruise Fare

This week we discuss which ships are the best to cruise if you don't want to spend beyond the base fare.  Which ships feature the best included dining, entertainment and amenities? Our cruise news this week features Carnival's solution to "chair hogs", a new CEO for Celebrity and an interesting look at what might happen if you choose to wear only a bathrobe on a cruise ship.

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Ep. 56 A First Mediterranean Cruise Experience

This week, Mikey Faust of MikeysCruiseBlog tells us all about his first Mediterranean cruise aboard the Mariner of the Seas.  He highlights the cities of Barcelona and Rome and compares and contrasts Europe to a Caribbean cruise.  Cruise news features stories of a shore excursion accident and a new law which might affect future cruise pricing.

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Ep. 55 Cruise Line Drink Packages

This week we delve into all the different options for drink packages on cruise ships including soda, wine, and alcoholic options.  We also talk about the rules various lines have about what you can/cannot bring on the ships.  Value, costs, options and availability are all detailed.  Cruise news includes the resignation of Celebrity CEO, Dan Hanrahan, and an improvement to the port gateway to Athens.

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Ep. 54 Mediterranean Cruise Ports- Preconceptions and Highlights

We examine Mediterranean cruise ports and for each one, talk about the main attraction or preconceived notions concerning the port. We then talk about what we think is the best thing in/about each port.  Our cruise news features the newest announcement about the Norwegian Breakaway, as well as the fate of the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the lawsuit about the upcoming Charleston cruise terminal.

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Ep. 53 Norwegian Cruise Line and Bermuda Port Information

Shon Ford, also known as CruiseMan3000, joins us this week to share his love for Norwegian Cruise Line.  He gives us details from his most recent cruise aboard the Norwegian Star, along with tons of port touring advice for Bermuda.  Cruise news features stories of higher quality Internet on Royal Caribbean and a new Costa Concordia lawsuit.

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Ep. 52 Cruising: Then and Now

This week we compare cruising in the early 80's to now, examining costs, service, tipping, ship size, itineraries and more.  We look at the things that have remained the same (which may surprise you) and the things that have changed.  Our cruise news features Carnival Cruise Line's new loyalty program. We highlight all the differences and new amenities as well as some of the complaints from fellow guests.

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Ep. 51 Listener Questions

We tackly some of our listener questions this week with topics as diverse as what to do on a departure day in Barcelona to how much luggage you can bring on a ship.  Cruise news features stories from Disney, the end of pilot strikes in Norway and the new Carnival Breeze.

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Ep. 50 Introduction to Oceania Cruises

Vanny from CruiseExpertsTravel joins us this week to share her experience onboard the Oceania Riviera and to give us some insider info about what separates this "premium plus" category ship from premium or luxury cruise lines. Cruise news features stories of strikes in Norway, a stolen iPhone aboard the Disney Wonder and a new Royal Caribbean ship in China.

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Ep. 49 Cruising vs. Land Vacations

This week we are coming to you from Disney World, which gave us the idea to compare cruising to the average land vacation.  What are the pros and cons for each? What are those things you take for granted when cruising that you just don't get in a land vacation. Cruise news features deployment news for Royal Caribbean and Costa.

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Ep. 48 Sapphire Princess Cruise Review

This week, our friend Becca joins us to tell us all about her experience on Princess Cruise's Sappire Princess.  In this review of her California coast cruise, she gives us details about dining, entertainment, activities and much more.  Our cruise news features stories from Celebrity, Oceania and Princess' new itineraries,

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Ep. 47 Cruise News and Ship Tours

We cover lots of cruise news this week with stories from Carnival, Costa, and Titanic II. Our guest, Mikey, from mikeyscruiseblog tells us all about the ships he toured at Cruise3Sixty: Holland America's MS Maasdam and the Carnival Liberty. 

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Ep. 46 A Day In Florence, Italy- Cruise Port Itinerary

We continue our Mediterranean cruise port itinerary series with the city of Florence, tourable from the Livorno or La Spezia cruise ports.  We review attractions and discuss what a sample day in Florence might look like with suggestions, tips, route info and possible costs. Our cruise news features stories of new ship features from Norwegian and Princess as well as a new ship in Miami and new itineraries for Carnival.

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Ep. 45 Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship Review

Our Norwegian expert, Scott, returns to review the Norwegian Epic with full details on dining, entertainment, ship amenities and staterooms.  Cruise news this week features a rumor about Royal Caribbean, new international regulations and a tragedy involving the Star Princess.

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Category:Travel -- posted at: 10:29pm CDT

Ep. 44 All About Cruise Ship Staterooms

This week we delve into the pros and cons of the different stateroom categories on cruise ships. We also explain guaranteed staterooms, analyze the best stateroom locations on a ship, and give a general primer on the staterooms sizes for each cruise line. Cruise news features stories of a new year-round homeport for Norwegian Cruise Lines and a new river cruise on the Mississippi.

Direct download: staterooms.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 8:39pm CDT

Ep. 43 Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Review

Debra Gordon of MEI/MousefanTravel joins us to tell us all about the brand-new Disney Fantasy ship including reviews of the shows, new features and staterooms. Our cruise news included the Titanic Memorial Cruise and a new television show, "Love For Sail", filmed on board Norwegian Cruise Line.

Direct download: debfantasy.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 6:01pm CDT

Ep. 42 Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Review

Listen to our complete review of the Celebrity Eclipse with details on ship layout, staterooms, activities, entertainment and much more! We also talk recent cruise news with stories of a fire on board the Azamara Quest and the "arrest" of the Carnival Triumph.

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Category:Travel -- posted at: 1:17pm CDT

Ep. 41 The Costs of Cruising

In this episode, we detail some of the costs that you may not normally consider when booking a cruise. We talk about when may be the best time to book as well as additional costs like specialty dining, shore excursions and more. Our cruise news features some details from the new ships coming from Norwegian and Princess, and a Silversea ship collides with a commercial vessel in Vietnam.

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Ep. 40 Celebrity Cruise Line Food with Chef Jacques Van Staden

This week we discuss the food on Celebrity Cruise Lines with Vice President and head of all culinary operations for Celebrity Cruises, Jacques Van Staden.  He gives us insight into his creation of specialty restaurants Qsine and the Lawn Club Grill as well as a bit of a peek into how Celebrity maintains its high reputation for dining. We also give our reviews and impressions for the various venues on board the Celebrity Eclipse. Cruise news includes Carnival's extensive refurbishment project of the Carnival Destiny and the christening of the Disney Fantasy.

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Ep. 39 Cruise Port of Vancouver and News

Vanny of Cruise Experts Travel joins us this week to tell us all about her hometown, the cruise port of Vancouver. She details transporation options, hotels, and attractions in and around the city.  She also shares details of their contest to win a cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic in the Mediterranean. Cruise news features details from the Costa Allegra and the Carnival Splendor excursion robbery as well as a new game show on Norwegian and a new ship order for Royal Caribbean.

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Ep. 38 Cruise Line Dress Codes

Dress codes are the subject of conversation this week as we look at the standards suggested by the cruise lines vs. what is accepted in the main dining room.  We discuss opinions on the topic and brainstorm about ways to eliminate the confusion that exists.  Our cruise news features stories from the Costa Allegra and its fire and subsequent engine failure and the robbery of twenty-two cruise passengers from the Carnival Splendor in Puerto Vallarta.

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Ep. 37 A Day in Naples- Naples Cruise Port Information

We continue our popular, "A Day In..." series with a full day's itinerary for Naples, Italy with directions and information about Pompeii, the Naples Archaeological Museum, Sansavero Chapel, Galleria Umberto, the Royal Palace at Caserta, pizza and more! We give you the information you need to start planning your cruise day in Naples on your own. Recent cruise news includes stories of Carnival ships in Europe, the newest Princess ship debuting next year, and a Costa Concordia update.

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Ep. 36 Romance in Cruising

We discuss how to add a little romance to your next cruise as well as our favorite romantic ports and a discussion of why cruising may be a more romantic vacation.  Cruise news features more from the Costa Concordia, new itineraries for Carnival and an interesting survey from Royal Caribbean.

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Ep. 35 Carnival Elation Cruise Review

We review our cruise aboard the Carnival Elation with details about food, entertainment, service and general ship information. We include a detailed account of the Chef's Table. Our news this week includes continued coverage of the Costa Concordia with stories also from Holland America, Carnival and Princess. We also examine the recent Norovirus outbreaks.

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Ep. 34 Disney Cruise Line

Disney is our focus this week with news of their recently announced itineraries in Europe and from Miami, along with a preview of their newest ship, the Disney Fantasy. Hans of the Disney Cruise Blog at disneycruiseblog.net joins us to talk about what makes Disney Cruise Line different. We discuss rotational dining, alcohol and soda policies, entertainment and much more.

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Ep. 33 Introduction to Cruising in Europe

Our news this week contains updates from the Costa Concordia incident as well as a look at the new renovations on the Windstar fleet. We also discuss MSC's move to Miami.  Our cruise topic is European cruising, and we look at the different itineraries, ports, considerations and include lots of tips for first-timers.

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Category:Travel -- posted at: 12:30pm CDT

Ep. 32 Costa Concodia Tragedy and Cruise Ship Safety

We discuss the tragic sinking of the Costa Concordia, give our opinions on the different accounts of the accident and what this will mean for the cruise industry, and give an overview of basic safety precautions to take on a cruise. 

Direct download: costaconcordia.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 1:19pm CDT

Ep. 31 Why We Love Cruising

Marian Krueger from the travelshopgirl blog joins Kaleigh today to talk about why we love to cruise. We discuss misconceptions, our reactions to our first cruises and what keeps us coming back for more. We also discuss recent cruise news stories about Carnival's new ship and a new kid's program for Norwegian.

Direct download: whycruise.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 5:19pm CDT

Ep. 30 Voyager of the Seas Ship Review

We review Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas, currently sailing out of New Orleans. We cover topics such as food, ship layout, staterooms, entertainment and much more.  We also review the new movie "Chipwrecked!" which features the Carnival Dream and discuss recent cruise news.

Direct download: voyager.mp3
Category:Travel -- posted at: 3:29pm CDT





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